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Receive 20% in BUSD

$DRAMZ Tokens the most innovative Utility Game Token on Binance Smart chain  Paying Holders 20% in BUSD.

Click on the Chart below to see the latest price of DRAMZ tokens on the market. Buy, sell, trade DRAMZ Crypto for fiat currencies. 


PancakeSwap DEX 

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Find out More Below or contact us and chat with our Support Staff !

GameCrypto is a play and earn platform, to reward our community by playing online mini games (6 in total), earn XP points in the mini-games each month and receive Free Crypto (DRAMZ) and NFTs to your MetaMask crypto wallet.

$DRAMZ Tokens are a native in game token for our upcoming RPG Game BubbleTopia, $DRAMZ TOKENS CAN NOW BE TRADED, BOUGHT AND SOLD on DEX PancakeSwap.

BubbleTopia our first RPG Blockchain Fantasy game is scheduled for release in 2023. Collect in game tokens, and game NFTs today by playing our mini games on Goggle Play store. 

DRAMZ Tokens are utility tokens that can be used in BubbleTopia to help players proceed though the game , battle bosses and level up in the game. BubbleTopia is due for release in 2023.
DRAMZ tokens can now traded, bought sold, exchanged for other tokens and changed into fiat currencies on a decentralized Exchange (DEX) Pancakeswap.

YES: Players who play our mini games receive XP points.

Each month XP points can be exchanged for DRAMZ Crypto tokens

The more XP you collect the more DRAMZ a player can receive

Pls visit our mini games choose your favorite game or games, click on google playstore, download game app, register on the XP leaderboard to start receiving XP points.

End of each month contact our SUPPORT STAFF WITH YOUR SCREENSHOT XP  TOTAL AND USERNAME.(leaderboard resets to 0 at beginning of each month)

Our support staff will confirm your XP total and transfer DRAMZ tokens to your MetaMask wallet

DRAMZ tokens are traded on DEX PancakeSwap and can be bought, sold and traded, pls visit Pancakeswap to see the chart and current trading price of DRAMZ.

Pls note: XP points have no monetary value and are only used in our minigames to exchange for DRAMZ and NFTs. on GameCrypto. 

Playing our online mini games on the  Googleplay stores does not require a crypto wallet as your XP Points will be displayed on the leaderboard in the mini games when you register your account. 

However, if your would like to receive crypto tokens (DRAMZ and NFTs) then yes you will require a Cryptocurrency wallet. (we recommend MetaMask)

To receive DRAMZ and NFTs pls supply your wallet address and screenshot of your leaderboard XP score, so that our support staff can verify and check your account to send your assets to your wallet.

Our staff will never contact you, members, must DM our registered support staff on Gamecrypto.co to receive your tokens or NFTs. 

BubbleTopia is a RPG Single Player Blockchain  Fantasy and adventure game. 

There is an open-world RPG experience in BubbleTopia, where players go on quests, battle and fight the dark forces in BubbleTopia, while in search of search for Water of Life, the elixir of BubbleTopia’s existence.

DRAMZ tokens are required to help players find Water of Life in the game and overcome the enemy in battle.

Game Warrior NFTs are used to aid in battle to defeat bosses as a player levels up in BubbleTopia 

Become a Bubbletopian! Join us today on GameCrypto and start collecting DRAMZ your in game tokens and Warrior NFTs to battle for Water of Life the magic elixir that keeps BubbleTopia alive and protected from the evil forces.

NFTs Will be used in our upcoming RPG BubbleTopia, which is due for release in 2023.

Players can collect NFTs now by playing our minigames and colleting XP points to exchange for NFTs (currently 100,000 XP points collected in one month will secure 1 Warrior NFT). There are 3 in total to collect 

NFTs can also bought, sold and traded on the Opensea NFT Marketplace, and a user can set their own price for sale to other users, as BubbleTopia is in Pre-release the value and price of BubbleTopia NFTs are determined by user demand.

As more users join our community and the amount of the limited Warrior NFTs (10,000) reduces, the price of each NFT is expected to appreciate according to user demand.

Warrior NFTs help players battle and defeat bosses, find clues and receive game tokens throughout BubbleTopia.

View our NFT Marketplace Below 

NFT Marketplace. 

If you would like to know more information please visit our FAQ Page or contact us HERE 

Alternatively community members can send our support staff  a DM via our profile page.

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