Building a Fun and Interactive NFT economy

Our mission is simpleto make NFTs easy and fun to use 

GameCrypto members can play casual app games collect in game tokens for completing levels then exchange for NFTs

NFTs can be used for our upcoming game BubbleTopia or can be sold, collected or rented out to other players.

All NFTs  have utility in our upcoming RPG game and can be sold using crypto currency or fiat currency on our NFT  marketplace or website.

Users can earn (DRAM) our in-game currency through skilled gameplay while playing our online games.

GameCrypto focuses on a gaming and rewards component to introduce NFTs and blockchain technology in a fun and rewarding way 

After earning DRAMs users can then exchange them by connecting a crypto wallet (MetaMask) and contacting our staff to receive an NFT airdrop directly to a users wallet 

Overcoming Challenges

While GameCrypto focuses on casual online games for users to earn Dram tokens, GameCrypto is also a social network for people who are looking to support and grow their livelihoods by providing an opportunity to earn a crypto and currency.
The key difference between GameCrypto and traditional online games is that our users are rewarded for playing and can receive NFTs as rewards.
This new model of gaming has been dubbed “play to earn”. GameCrypto hopes to attract players from all around the world in the pursuit of a new fun way to supplement their income stream through owning NFTs.
We envisage players may be from all walks of life from fathers, aunts, and even grandparents who have never used Blockchain technology before! Players can earn by: Competing in simple online games and earn Drams and  level up to and receive NFTs.
GameCrypto was built as a way to introduce the world to NFTs and blockchain technology. By connecting simple casual games to NFTs and the concept of blockchain technology.
We can give our users an opportunity to earn a living from their time interacting with games and bring the magic of Blockchain technology to millions of players around the world.