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Online gaming

Online gaming have become a great hobby for millions of people. Distraction is one of the main choices to fill our free time, now that we spend more time at home.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that it’s possible to turn this hobby into money. Having fun and turning it into profit and a source of extra income.

In this article, we list some points on how to earn money playing and also the safest and most reliable games for this.

So, be sure to read until the end to know the main strategies to earn money only with internet games. Follow up!

Does online gaming really pay users?

Among the multitude of online gaming that exist today, many of them offer a reward to their users.

It is possible to earn this reward by winning the challenges and stages that the game has.

To find out the exact bonus a game offers, it is necessary to do research. Remember, not all apps offer a financial reward.

Also, another alternative to earn money from online games is to become a game streamer .

Generally speaking, the streamer’s job is to perform for his followers by playing his chosen game.

These content creators attract many sponsors, as their audience is usually very engaged and loyal, and E-games are becoming more popular around the world!

It is noteworthy that game streamers are some of the highest paid creators in the world. So, if you like to play and are skilled with cameras, it’s worth investing in creating an online streaming business.

How to protect yourself before downloading games

There are many online gaming sites, to make money in app showcases like Google Play or the Apple Store.

You need to be careful to avoid potential scams and issues. Therefore, its important to establish a criteria before downloading the game.

At first, it is necessary to perform a detailed reading of the game description. In order to carefully analyze every detail that the application has.

The description contains information about the application’s security, its functionality and other details of the game that will determine its functioning. Therefore, being aware of this is of great importance.

Another very important point to analyze is the app’s ratings. In the field of user ratings, it is possible to identify both the problems and the strengths of the game.

Users tend to leave their impressions about the game and, thus, it is possible to have a good idea about the features or problems in a game.

Financial data within applications

It is still possible to know information about game payouts for people who use it, which is the factor of great interest for those who want to earn extra money with the games .

Being aware of the terms and conditions of the app is imperative. This document makes the user aware of all the conditions placed by the company, in addition to ensuring a relationship of integrity between the company and the person who is using its services.

Therefore, a good reading of these terms avoids future surprises and gives even more autonomy to the application user.

Protecting your cell phone or computer should be one of the priorities of every online gaming application user.

Despite reading the description, ratings and terms of condition of a game, it is still possible to be vulnerable to developing a virus that harms the device.

Thus, installing a good antivirus is an extremely important measure to ensure the security of the device used to run the games.

Safe games to earn money

Below, we’ve listed some of the best and safest games to get that much-desired extra cash.


In addition to being converted into financial rewards, which can be withdrawn through PayPal, the points earned at Swagbucks can be turned into vouchers and gift certificates from major stores like Amazon and Walmart.

The application consists of watching videos and playing some games in order to collect prizes.

It’s available for download from Google Play and the Apple Store, but it’s also accessible through the browser.

Make Money

The Make Money, in turn, pays its users to perform games and applications tests, which give their impressions of the products and services. Money can also be earned by winning some platform games.

The app is free and can be downloaded from either Google Play or the Apple Store. The purchased money is transferred to the user’s PayPal account.

Feature Points

With Feature Points, it is possible to earn money by answering questions and also downloading the games indicated by the app.

Points earned in-game turn into rewards that can either be cash or gift vouchers at large stores like Amazon and Nike.

Money earned by the game is deposited into the user’s PayPal account. It is also available for Android and IOS, making it accessible to all audiences.


The quize is a free and very affordable application, since it is available for both Android users and for users of IOS.

The game, which is one of the best games to earn money with the cell phone.

Consists of answering the questions that are asked in the matches, which take place on days and times programmed by the application.

To get the prize money, it is necessary to get 15 questions right within a timed period of time.

It is worth noting that the reward is divided among all users who get the questions right. Payment is made using the Pre-Paid MasterCard and it is possible to withdraw it from R$50.00.


The FunX provides a similar feeling to be in a Las Vegas casino, because you can play scratch cards, playing cards, slot machines, lottery, among other attractions that the game offers.

The app is free and is also available on Google Play and the Apple Store.


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