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Some Tips for Community users GameCrypto

01) Don’t post and run

We are all pressed for time but it but it just looks plain bad if all you ever do is post and never curate or comment on other work. In a way this could be seen as simply taking from the system without giving.

02) Don’t over-post

As I said most people don’t have much time. Take some pity on your followers and don’t post 10 times per day. Not only will less people actually take the time to read your work, but you may end up annoying and losing followers.

03) Don’t post nudity or graphic imagery unless you tag it with NSFW

This is important. It may be acceptable in your nation to be showing bare breasts on your work computer but it might not be the case where your reader is located.

Also your reader could be a child. Please keep this in mind. Graphic images without this tag are likely to be removed.

04) Don’t be a fake, plagiarize or pass off others’ work as your own

This is important. It relates to people trying to make money by impersonating others, making false claims, or stealing other people’s work to claim it as their own.

There is a whole community of people watching you here, and you will eventually be found out and reported. Just don’t do it.
No matter how much you earn it is not worth it for the damage to your reputation.

05) Don’t engage in tag spamming

If your post does not directly relate to a particular tag you shouldn’t be using it. A post about trumpets that just happens to have a photo of a trumpet in it should not be tagged with “photography”, Tag spamming annoys people and rather than getting you extra upvotes is likely to get you a flagged and reported.

06) Don’t post unrelated links in Other groups.

This is considered link spamming. We all understand that you took great pride in your post but if your link is not related to the direct conversation and seems to be there purely to promote your own work then it looks bad.

You are at risk of getting flagged and it is unlikely people will appreciate what you are doing. There is a great page for promoting your work in our activity feed,

Don’t post or promote your own games in other members groups, as this will be seen as spam and could get your profile reported. Also there is a forum and members can create their own groups where you can promote your games – put it there.

07) Don’t direct message people you don’t know in the chat

All members are required to request an invite to connect. This is to help eliminate spam and unwanted messages.

It is advised to always request a connection and when accepted then your ok to make contact. If a member blocks your request or doesn’t connect with your request then you wont be able to contact that particular member, until they have accepted your request to connect.

I have seen lots of people doing this particularly to game developers. It is understandable but it is also an intrusion on people’s privacy and hardly polite. Don’t do it unless someone has explicitly said they are OK and accepted your request to connect.

08) Don’t report or flag content just because you disagree or don’t like it

This is a big issue and I’m sure some people will disagree with it but I think the majority of the community agrees that the report issue is for posts which are harmful or abusive and should not be used as a dislike or downvote button.

Don’t like something? Post a comment explaining why or if you can’t be bothered to do that or don’t have the time move on.

09) Don’t be a stalker or a troll

Some time ago there was a particular user who was deliberately going after female members of the community in a distinctly unsavory way. People may think this is acceptable online but I personally think it is disgusting and reprehensible behavior.

Any member who violates our policies and stalks or trolls other users will be immediately banned and all content and rewards will be removed. 

Further any activity bordering on criminality is particularly stupid. It should also go without saying that general trolling behavior will not help your reputation either.

10) Keep the adolescent remarks to yourself

I have noticed a few users making the kind of remarks on images of women that are quite immature and frankly I would expect from a 13 year old boy.

I know these aren’t necessarily done with any malice but we as a community need to be a friendly and inviting place for women and I don’t think it is particularly helpful.

You as a man may find it funny but I’m not sure a woman would – imagine if it was your mother reading your comments.

11) Don’t make it personal / Don’t make argumentative posts

I don’t think it is polite to do an entire post focusing on a single person without first discussing it with them and trying to resolve the situation person to person.

Generally game developers members are independent developers trying to make a living from their content, If you want to call out certain kinds of behaviors it might be more productive to do so in a more general manner so people don’t feel that they are being singled out.

If you go after a particular person all that will ensue is an argument that will continue to escalate and make everyone look bad.

12) Don’t critique people’s work unless they have asked you to

I normally ask for people’s opinions on my work and I am fine with criticism (although even I have feelings) but just because someone has posted their content or game on the site does not mean that you should start critiquing it if you don’t like it.

Not all people are thick skinned about things and I have seen a few cases of people demolishing another person’s work in a distinctly unpleasant way. Also if someone has asked for a critique keep it polite and constructive. If you are not able to do that move on.

13) Do take a step back

In keeping with the previous few points sometimes it helps to take a step away from your computer and do something different to help you regain perspective.

If you are getting into a lot of arguments and conflict with other community members, give yourself some time away and reflect on things.

14) Do answer your comments

If people have taken the time to make a comment on your content or in a group post you should at least take the time to read them and in appropriate cases reply to them.

It is understood that if you have a lot of comments you can’t always answer them all, however, ignoring your comments could be considered being ungrateful to fans who are purchasing content.

15) Do help others out and do thank people

A lot of us know how to trade and deploy cryptocurrencies and NFTs and are familiar with the concepts. That does not apply to everyone on GameCrypto.

Everyone has to start somewhere and if you find someone who needs help or has a question don’t wait for someone else to act – help them out yourself if you can. That is a fundamental of a good community. Also don’t forget to thank people and pass on the good will.

16) Do share great posts.

There are links in groups that allows sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit.

Be a good citizen and help to spread good content by sharing it on other social networks, and also posting links of game developers works with constructive comments on social media, this will help you gain more Karma and build a positive profile leading you to receive more Karma.

All constructive and promotional activity towards artists works and the GameCrypto platform will be noticed and rewarded.

This not only helps out game developers but helps to spread the word about GameCrypto by showing people what great games and content is available.

17) Do check out new posts and curate

There are many users joining GameCrypto every day. But as the platform grows it is hard to get noticed. Please try to spend at least some of your time looking at new activity posts rather than just being on your own group.

Not only do you have the prospect of discovering a new hidden game developers works and making a new member feel appreciated, but you could also be rewarded much more handsomely when your Karma increases for the curation.

This also applies to the chat, if you are expecting other people to look at and curate the games you post it makes sense that you should take a look at other people’s games too.

18) Do always read the rules for the Game Developers groups you are joining and posting in

This goes without saying. Read the rules of the group before you post. I think mistakes are bound to happen, when they do, apologize and delete your post. If you persistently break the rules you will likely end up permanently banned and unable to post.

Thankyou for reading this far if there are any other rules our members can think would help to make our community a better place please feel free to contact our support staff via a message or contact us here  

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