Step 1 Start earning XP by playing our Casual Apps and Promoting GameCrypto on social media

Step 2 Exchange your XP for $DRAMZ on GameCrypto then buy and trade on Pancakeswap DEX

Step 3 Play our upcoming RPG BubbleTopia and earn Governance tokens water of Life WOL 


XP Points There are 2 ways to receive XP points so that you can receive $DRAMZ. One is to reward active members who contribute and help us promote GameCrypto.

Second, XP can be earned by playing our app games and collecting XP points as you level up in the games. 

XP can be exchanged for $DRAMZ tokens or NFTs which then can be traded on crypto exchanges and NFTs can be also be traded , kept as investment or used in our online RPG fantasy game BubbleTopia.io coming out in 2022.

The value of XP

100 XP = 1 DRAMZ

100,000 XP = 1 Warrior NFT


DRAMZ is our native token released June 25th 2022 on Pancakeswap DEX . DRAMZ can be purchased and is tradeable on PancakeSwap and has an excellent passive income for holders of 20% in BUSD. 

Users can also earn Free $DRAMZ by collecting XP by playing our in game apps and by promoting GameCrypto on social media platforms. 

DRAMZ will be BubbleTopia’s game currency  to purchase NFTs to battle and win Water of Life (WOL) our governance token in our upcoming RPG Game BubbleTopia. 

The value of $DRAMZ

100 $DRAMZ = 1 WOL

1000 $DRAMZ = 1 Warrior NFT


Water of life (WOL) The primary purpose of the WOL is to serve as governance token for our metaverse gaming system.

Players that own WOL tokens will have a say in decision making, game play, community voting and decision making process regarding BubbleTopia’s future direction.

WOL tokens are essential for the continuation of BubbleTopia and requires players to use their WOL to refill the WOL source of water in the game.

The value of WOL


1 WOL = 1 VOTE 


What is XP

Register your username, email and play our casual game apps, complete levels and receive XP. Check your XP displayed on the games leaderboard.

  • Please register the same username and email from the app games, to the GameCrypto website. Help promote GameCrypto on Social media platforms and grow our community for our upcoming RPG Fantasy game BubbleTopia.

(Pls note: XP collected on website will be displayed on a users profile under their name.)

*To calculate the total amount of XP simply add the XPs from the game apps and the XPs collected on the website displayed on your profile. 

What are DRAMZ

Dramz are our native token which can be used as an in game currency for our up coming RPG Game BubbleTopia.

DRAMZ are a measurement of Liquid. 100 Dramz = 1 measure of Water of Life (WOL). Water of life is required to generate all life in BubbleTopia, and to keep BubbleTopia from decay and destruction.

  1. Generate in game NFTs for BubbleTopia. 100,000 XP = 1000 Dramz = 1 NFT Warrior 
  2. Sell Dramz as units of measurement NFTs to purchase Water of Life tokens (WOL) 

BubbleTopia (WOL) Token will be released as a GOVERNANCE TOKEN  during the release of BubbleTopia.io in 2022

XP Activity

Collect XP by promoting GameCrypto on social media and being active on the website. 

Register on GameCrypto …100 XP. 100 XP as a thankyou for joining and registering on GameCrypto.co 

Log in to GameCrypto.co…..10-XP. 10 XP for each time you log in  (limit 3x a day) 

Comment on a Post in the Activity feed 10-XP. 10 XP when commenting on a post  (limit 5x a day) 

Invite a new user to GameCrypto10-XP. 10 XP when your invited user activates their account 

Send a Friend Request to another user10-XP. 10 XP when requesting a friendship connection (limit 5x a day) 

Accept a Friend Request10-XP. 10 XP for accepting a friend request (limit 5x a day) 

Publish an Activity post10-XP. 10 XP for posting in the activity feed (limit 5x a day) 

Create a Group20-XP. 20 XP for creating a group (limit 1x a week) 

Join a Group10-XP. 10 XP for joining a group (limit 2x a week) 

Complete your profile to 100%..special (500-XP) 500 XP for completing your profile to 100% 

Complete an APP review for our casual apps ..limited time bonus (200-XP) 200 XP for writng a review on the App store

XP Badges

*Please contact support with your screenshots to receive your Badges and XP.


Just Getting Started ? Some XP to begin your collection with your first Badge.

Discord Server ..100-XP

Join and comment on our Discord Server then let our support staff know to collect your drams.

Pinterest …100-XP

Join and comment on our Pinterest group. Create 3 pins and add a short description.   

Invite 10 Users100-XP

Send 10 email invites to your connections and have them activate their accounts.

Introduce Yourself...20-XP 

Post your introduction in our Forum introduce yourself to the community.

Twitter …100-XP 

Join and comment on our Twitter group 3 times a day for 3 days. 

U-Tube vid …200-XP

Join and comment on our U-Tube Channel. Create a 5-10 min video about GameCrypto   

Invite 20 Users..200-XP

Send 20 email invites to your connections and have them activate their accounts.


Post 10 times on our activity feed page, and interact with other members.

Reddit 100-XP

Join and comment on our Reddit group 3 times a day for 3 days. 

Invite a friend …10-XP

Send an invite to a friend and receive 10 Dram when they activate their account

Invite 30 Users..300-XP

Send 30 email invites to your connections and have them activate their accounts.