Mainkan game online kasual gratis kami dan kumpulkan token DRAM untuk menerima NFT gratis!


WELCOME provides entertainment that allows users to play casual online games and receive NFTs for game play.

Our online games are 100% Free to play on the Goggle Play store.

Users are rewarded with DRAM tokens, that can be exchanged for NFTs. The amount of DRAM tokens users receive will be dependent on a users gameplay and contribution to the GameCrypto platform

Firstly, sign up and become a member and create your profile. Members start receiving DRAM as soon as they register an account.

Choose a game to play and start collecting Dram so as to purchase NFTs, its simple and easy. 

Once a member reaches 100,000 DRAMs, they can then contact our staff here on GameCrypto to verify their account and register their crypto wallet to receive their unique and personalized NFT.

NFTs can be used in our RPG game BubbleTopia or sold on secondary marketplaces such as 

GameCrypto games allow players to earn our native in game currency DRAM and exchange for NFT assets in BubbleTopia.

As a user skills up and completes challenges in our games, DRAM points will be automatically added to a users account, where they can be collected and exchanged for different types of in game NFTs.

From avatars, assets, bosses, bubbles, skins and even special powers , the usage of NFTs in BubbleTopia is limitless, with all NFTs wholly owned by the member who collects the Dram to spawn the NFT.



Dram Tokens

Dram Tokens (DRAM) is a type of digital currency used in our RPG BubbleTopia game.

It allows users to trade Drams for NFTs which can then be used to purchase in-game assets such as Avatars, Bubbles, Power packs, weapons etc…

NFTs can also be traded and sold on as each NFT is unique and can increase in value as more players join our BubbleTopia metaverse.

Drams cannot be purchased and can only be earned by either game play or promotion and marketing activities related to GameCrypto.

Drams purpose is extremely important, and is used to purchase Water of life, which is used to sustain and keep the BubbleTopia ecosystem alive and healthy.

A Dram is equivalent to 1 ounce of Water of life and it takes 100 Drams to make up 1 measure of Water of Life (WOL) *Tokens representing water of life will be available in 2022

Learn more about what DRAM and the significance of water of life brings to BubbleTopia HERE

As BubbleTopia increases in popularity Drams will also become a more desired in game asset due to the fact DRAM tokens are used to spawn in game NFTs

The blockchain revolution has opened up a whole new world of possibilities limited by the human imagination only. Applications for blockchain technology are constantly evolving, and are rapidly gaining ground in many social media platforms, including the gaming industry. Many gaming sites prefer to use popular crypto-assets as promoters, such as BTC, ETH, or ADA. Others do their best to create their own native tokens.



Our Games

GameCrypto publishes simple-to-play, easy-to-learn, skill-based games generally called hyper-casual games.

These games have easy to learn mechanics and do not require any type of previous knowledge from the player nor does it require vast amounts of time invested in mastering them.

This makes hyper-casual games a favorite game genre for a very big audience:


In order to play a game you can simply download a game from the Goggle Play store, and start playing, all our games are free to play. The more you play the more Drams you can collect.

To collect Dram users are required to login and register in the game, this way when you play any of our casual games, Dram tokens can be assigned to your account. ( Pls note: we only allow one user per account, users with multiple accounts will be banned from receiving Dram tokens).

When a player reaches 100,000 Drams the player can then exchange Drams for a warrior avatar NFT.

Please contact our staff who will verify your account.

All members are required to supply government photo ID to ensure they are 13 years of age or older and to claim an NFT. A player is required to have a MetaMask crypto wallet to receive their NFT.

Our games, are designed to allow a maximum of 4000 Dram per day. To ensure a safe and healthy game play environment for our community.

We would like all our members to enjoy our games and play responsibly when using

Leader-Boards for Dram Tokens

There are 2 types of leader boards Games and Promotions leader boards.

Game leader boards are displayed on our casual games and are all interconnected to your account. Playing any game will show your total of Dram tokens collected while playing any of our online games.

Promotion Leader boards are displayed on GameCrypto leader board page and will show the amount of Dram tokens a member has collected related to marketing and promotional activity towards GameCrypto.

Buy collecting Drams through game play and promotional activities, users can quickly build their Dram token tally and receive more NFTs



BubbleTopia  is a mobile first RPG single player Fantasy game where players can battle bosses, go on challenges and quests, to find the Water of Life the all important elixir to keep BubbleTopia alive and flourishing.

BubbleTopia is a blockchain based game using NFTs for players to have ownership of in-game assets from avatars, assets, Water of Life sachets, weapons, to bubble land.

Players will be able to take ownership and have the ability to purchase and sell these assets in game and on secondary NFT Marketplaces


In Game currency are DRAM tokens, players can play and earn DRAMS to receive Water of life sachets and beginner warrior avatar NFTs

Dram tokens are earned by playing our casual online games on the Google play-store 

Drams are used to purchase assets in BubbleTopia .

Players are incentivized to earn Dram tokens to purchase NFTs which are used in game or sold on secondary markets

The more a player plays online games the more ad revenue is generated via the inbuilt ad revenue model.

There are 10,000 NFTs per Bubble

Growth strategy

The BubbleTopia concept has the unique ability to create different themed bubbles for each bubble, ultimately creating an entire metaverse theme based around bubble worlds

When a bubble has 10,000 NFTs purchased a new bubble with a different theme will be generated, which will be hyperlinked so players with certain skill levels can easily move to the next bubble within BubbleTopia

The creation of different bubble worlds creates continuous growth opportunities and player satisfaction for game development.