Play to Earn Games 2021

Playing video games to Earn Money in 2021

Was once considered just a game, but today many players take the practice seriously and in an organized way. See how it’s possible to earn money by playing.

For those who enjoy electronic games, there are some that were developed to earn money by having fun. But, even if the market is attractive for game consumers, those who want to earn extra income can invest in other ways.

Regardless of the choice, investing in this sector can be a wise choice. After all, a survey carried out by PGB pointed out a growth in the number of fans and enthusiasts in the last year.

According to the PGB, almost 80% of respondents claimed to have played more during this period, with more than 42% reporting that they invested more than usual with games. In addition, almost 61% consumed more content in this period, according to the survey.

As this is a growing market in the country, especially in the last year, those who want to earn money having fun can increase their income in several ways. Look!

3 ways to make money playing games

After a day at work, there’s nothing better than relaxing at home. If you are a fan of games and love to have fun playing, you can take the opportunity to earn money at these times.

There are different ways to profit and increase your income while having fun and one of them is through the digital in-game coins. Also, while some platforms allow the conversion of coins into gift cards, others allow the player to earn real money.

With that, the budget can increase. Check out some online gaming options that make profits!

1. Monetize In-Game Fun There

There are many games that pay users in cash, as well as others that give rewards. These include vouchers, gift certificates, merchandise and other things.

So pay attention to each app’s reward methods and check the ratings of other users. Also check if the game has a consistent and well-structured description, if it offers relevant information both about the game itself and the developer.

There are many options for you to earn money, such as Axie Infinity, which in addition to offering a lot of fun, has been attracting players looking for extra income while playing. This is similar to Pokémon Go.

Considering the example above, you can earn money doing challenges and playing, as shown in guide Axie Infinity, in addition to buying unique characters and also investing in crypto currencies. Players can earn crypto currencies while playing and also finance the game with Axie Infinity digital currency, AXS, or SLP.

This and others can help you increase your personal income in a fun way. In addition, you’ll learn a lot about each game and be able to give tips to users of your blog and YouTube channel, if you have any.

2. Make videos

How about being a successful you tuber making videos while playing? For this, count on the famous game plays.

You’ll need software and applications to be able to record your screen while having fun and give users tips. This is a modality that is very searchable on the platform and is helping many game fans to increase their profits.

So, create your YouTube channel and pay attention to monetization policies and rules. Also, always be aware of news in the games market.

3. Create a blog

Even if some players don’t like it, you can please most of the fans by creating content about the game universe. It’s worth investing in tutorials, guides, tips and reviews to attract visitors to your page.

By playing, you will already be gaining experience in certain games and will be able to pick up all the tricks to help your audience to level up. In addition to having fun, you’ll be able to profit by passing on the tips about everything you’ve discovered playing.

And to monetize your blog even more, that is, going beyond betting on attractive content, you can count on partnerships. Just include ad banners  or search for niche companies.

Also, you don’t have to stick to just written content. If you already have the channel on YouTube, take the opportunity to include the video in each post. The content will certainly be more attractive and will yield more visits to your channel.

So now you know 3 ways

To earn money playing and increase your extra income. But to further appeal to your audience, consider becoming a professional and being a professional video game player.
After all, electronic games are increasingly popular and with that, the gaming community is growing. So, to attract users or win more and more prizes, including cash, on platforms, it is important to become professional.

For this, know your skills and specialize in it, training as long as possible. Be sure to invest in the right equipment and study each game in detail and your opponents, entering competitions.

In addition to gaining experience, you can get a sponsorship and attract more users to your channel or earn more benefits, such as money.


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