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Play and Earn FREE…NFTs

The gaming sector appears to be a blaze with activity. Especially with new NFT-based projects coming up almost on a daily basis.

Gamecrypto.co is a new platform that is the world’s first play-to-earn “casual gaming platform to offer NFTs as rewards.

Generally you find games that offer fractions of Bitcoin tokens, or other types of tokens for playing games. GameCrypto is the first online app where players can receive unique and rare freshly minted NFTs, which can be used interchangeable in an upcoming Fantasy RPG online game. www.bubbletopia.io

Four casual games on the Google play store

from your classic bubble shooter to side scrolling shooter games and the popular match 3.

Simply download an NFT game log in and register your email and username and start playing games.

GameCrypto is focusing on making NFTs fun to collect. By simply playing online games anyone over the age of 18 can start collecting tokens and receive an NFT as a collection

By connecting a crypto wallet to our website www.gamecrypto.co  players can receive their NFT directly and if they wish can keep, trade or sell on their NFTs on secondary markets, such as www.opensea.io .

Each NFT is limited and has real value

As every NFT will be 100% attributed to the owner. NFTs can even be rented out to other players for use in our upcoming BubbleTopia RPG game.

In terms of future development, GameCrypto users will be able to use their NFTs in the BubbleTopia to defeat in game enemies and search for the elixir Water of Life represented by the companies governance token WOL token.

With a limit of 10,000 NFTs each and every NFT will have utility and as the RPG game becomes more popular, the demand and value of each NFT will increase.

Launched in December 2021 as a public beta, GameCrypto game apps have reached over 1000 app downloads in less than 1 week. Early adopters already are collecting thousands of DRAM tokens displayed on each games leader board.

Playing GameCrypto apps, the more a player wins, the more their in-platform rank grows, just like leader boards in competitive sports.

When players advance their level in a game, players will receive more Dram tokens helping them to reach the required amount of Drams needed to receive their NFT

Currently, we have set 100,000 Drams as the amount to collect to receive a unique in game Warrior NFT

When reaching 100,000 Drams a player can contact a staff member at GameCrypto to receive their NFT .

After receiving an NFT the amount of Drams in  a players account will be set back to zero to start collecting again for their next NFT.

Using the GameCrypto apps, players can:

  • Participate in leader boards to earn Unique and rare NFTs
  • Trade NFTs on secondary markets such as Opensea.io
  • Build their player profile by renting out NFTs
  • Grow an audience of fans to engage with them through owning several NFTs
  • Own NFTs to get recurring revenue

Finally by playing online games on Google play store and collecting in game tokens, players can now exchange their tokens for rare and unique NFTs on a safe and trusted platform www.gamecrypto.co

Collecting NFTs is a simple and easy way to play and earn NFTs which will lead to the development of NFTs and online games for players to receive and own in game assets which has not been made available until now.

Visit www.gamecrypto.co and  find out how to start your own NFT collection  Today!!!

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