what is GameCrypto

Play and Earn NFTs

GameCrypto is a community website, to bring together anyone who is interested in playing online casual games.  Earn money by collecting and selling Non Fungible tokens (NFTs).

When using GameCrypto users can post, promote and interact together, similar to Discord.

Members can come together on a safe and secure platform, free from spam and fake accounts.

GameCrypto members can play our casual designed games, to earn our in-game currency DRAM tokens.

DRAM tokens can then be exchanged for NFTs.

NFTs have dual use purpose in that NFTs can be used as Avatars in our upcoming Fantasy RPG game. NFTs can be collected , traded, sold or swapped for cryptocurrency.

All NFTs are rare and unique with limited allocation and unique powers connected to each NFT. The first release of NFTs will be 10,000 Gen 1 minted for use in BubbleTopia.

These are particularly valuable as they will have the most utility in our RPG game and will come with a guaranteed allotment of our upcoming governance token water of Life token (WOL)

Our team at GameCrypto are currently establishing utility which will be allocated to each NFT. Early investors and collectors will receive the biggest advantage, for their early support into our project.

NFTs can also be purchased on our BubbleTopia marketplace for in game play. NFTs can also be sold or traded on Opensea.io. Each NFT holder will have 100% ownership of their BubbleTopia NFT.

NFTs are a players personal pass into the world of BubbleTopia, a new and exciting RPG fantasy game in the Multiverse, or what we like to call the BubbleVerse.

How to Receive FREE NFTS

By simply playing our causal online games (currently android app games).

Players can receive 100 tokens (drams) for each level completed in a game.

After collecting a preset amount (currently 100,000) tokens or approximatley 20–30 hours of game play a registered user would have accumulated the required amount.

After reaching the 100,000 Tokens a player can then register onto our website and contact our support team who will then transfer a free NFT directly into the users Crypto wallet for ex: (MetaMask)

To confirm the correct recipient of the NFT, a user should register their same user name and email as used in the app game leaderboard, which will make the transfer process more efficient and requires less identification from the user claiming the NFT.

Do I need to own a crypto wallet

Playing our online games does not require a crypto wallet as your DRAM tokens will be displayed on the leaderboard in the games.

However if your would like to receive your NFT to hold, sell or exchange to other players then you will require a Crypto wallet.

Please register your Wallet address directly at www.gamecrypto.co or our RPG Game site www.bubbletopia.io website.

When a player has collected 100,000 DRAMs then please contact our staff to receive your NFT Avatar Airdrop.

Please click the link (Wallet) to connect your crypto wallet via MetaMask

With MetaMask, you can safely sell exchange or store your NFTs

How can I find out more information

If you would like to know more information please visit our FAQ Page or send us a message via our direct messaging on the platform, alternatively you can send us a message to support via our Contact Us Page

www.bubbletopia.io ( RPG Game page )

www.gamecrypto.co ( community and game site )

Twitter (Social)

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